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Top Sellers

Tanzania Peaberry
Tanzania Peaberry roasted coffee, 16 oz.

Price: US$13.10

Antigua Guatemala
Antigua Guatemala roasted coffee, 16 oz.

Price: US$15.80

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Ethiopian Yirgacheffee roasted coffee, 16 oz.

Price: US$13.50

Antigua Guatemala green beans

Antigua Guatemala green coffee beans, 16 oz.
plus shipping

Price: US$5.30

Ethiopian Harrar

Ethiopian Harrar roasted coffee, 16 oz.


Price: US$13.10

Featured Products

Java Preanger
Java Preanger green coffee beans. 16 oz.
plus shipping

Price: US$5.90



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In Business since January, 2000


Espresso Top 50      



Welcome to Coffeemaria!

Your on line store for roasted or green

coffee beans.

Our Goal at Coffeemaria is :
Buy the highest and best Quality green coffee beans- roast them to perfection and ship within 24 hrs. after roasting direct to your door.
All orders are custom roasted to your preference.
The packages will have a label on the bottom to show the roasting date so you know exactly when it was roasted.

    We roast the coffee beans to your order and ship within 24 hrs after roasting.

Free Shipping  for roasted coffee in the US
for 2 lbs or more

Coffee you buy in the store or specialty shops are roasted miles and days away from the store and it takes day's  until it is being sold to the consumer.

Please read reviews about our coffee on

In May 2001 Coffeemaria was the roaster of the month on the online magazine.

Home Roasters:

If you would like to roast your own we will sell you the green coffee beans of your choice.

Convert your gas grill to a coffee roaster
click on the link below.

For more info how to roast please call us or send e-mail.




For custom blend or private label please contact us.

Antigua Guatemala Antigua Guatemala
Antigua Guatemala roasted coffee, 16 oz.
Our Price: US$15.80


Ethiopian Harrar Ethiopian Harrar

Ethiopian Harrar green coffee beans , 16 oz.
plus shipping cost


Our Price: US$5.10


Guatemala Decaf Guatemala Decaf

Guatemala decaf roasted coffee, 16 oz. Out of Stock


Our Price: US$13.80


Indonesian Celebes Kalossi Indonesian Celebes Kalossi

Indonesian Clebes Kalossi roasted, 16 oz.


Our Price: US$13.45


Jamaica Blue Mtn Jamaica Blue Mtn

Jamaica blue Mtn. roasted coffee
Out of stock until new crop is coming in.

Our Price: US$46.50


Java Preanger Java Preanger

Java Preanger,roasted coffee beans, 16 oz.

Our Price: US$14.90